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We sit down with Huntin’ Fool CEO Jerrod Lile and his wife Rubie and discuss their careers with Trophy Taker, the help-you-hunt company Huntin’ Fool and their awesome new Xenek gro...

Today we join industry rep Jake Oravetz of Ken Jeffries & Associates as we discuss calling deer and the brands of B3, Primos & Bee Stinger that he represents from the NABA ...

Episode 10: My Stump!

Join me as we catch up from my busy absence and I go on a rant for the good of ya all! Haha. At the end of the day our sport needs participation and mentorship.

Join us as we host Captain Brett Jolly: fishing guide on Green Bay and the Wisconsin River as we discuss walleye, bass and musky fishing.  Captain Brett Jolly is a native of Wausau...

Episode 8: Bergara Rifles

Bergara Rifles!  If you don't know them, you need to!  Easily one of my most beloved brands in the industry.  I am joined today by Ben Flemming, Vice President of Bergara Rifles an...

Join us as we ring in the new year and discuss new bows from Bowtech, Elite, Hoyt and PSE until I start coughing and have to sign off early. :)

Episode 6: Now What?

Now that we’ve entered the 4th quarter of deer season and the snow is deep and the temps are cold, what do we do? This episode we talk about planning for 2020, ice safety and some ...

Join the Chase Outdoors Podcast for Episode 5 as we talk about the slow opening weekend of rifle season, evil snow and the great opportunities ahead.

Episode 4: WI Gun Deer

Join us as we discuss the upcoming Wisconsin Gun Deer Season while I battle through food poisoning!  Good luck everyone and be safe!!

Episode 3: WI Rut Report

Join us as we discuss the current state of the rut, moon phase, urine, calling and more!

Join us as we discuss our recent DIY open country deer hunt in South Dakota. We discuss: scouting, optics, stalking and PMA!

Chase Outdoors’ Justin Gaiche discusses the Wisconsin Youth Deer Hunt, his first time out with his son and the use of an AR-15 forndeer hunting.